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Country in a Brand New Way!

Loretta was a country music girl from the very beginning! She was born and raised in Ford City, a small farming community in western Pennsylvania. Her Mother played guitar, sang in the church choir, and appeared with her friends in bands around the area. Her father, who went to join the Lord when Loretta was just a little girl, played banjo and harmonica. All of their love for music was passed on to Loretta and her four sisters who would often sing together for friends, at picnics, and simply for their own entertainment.

Her school days kept her busy singing in the Chorus and in her Church Choir, and she also played the clarinet and participated in the Drill Team in her High School Marching Band. While she set aside her musical interests to raise her three children in Wheeling, WV, it didn’t take long to rekindle Loretta’s passion for singing once she discovered that her daughter Elli was doing a pretty fair job of singing at the tender young age of six.

As it goes, when a singing mom has a singing little girl, mom teaches her baby about technique, harmony and  other fine qualities of the art. As Elli grew so did her voice and her love for the inherent abilities that she was so blessed with; singing and song-writing, just like her mom.

Throughout middle school and high school, Elli worked continually to refine her skills. She quickly became the local favorite for singing The National Anthem at sporting events and Patriotic Assemblies. She also won the Queen of Queens pageant while performing her song “My Everything”. Elli and Loretta would sing away countless hours at home, and at literally any function they could find. From retirement homes, flea markets, and charities, to fairs, festivals, and even Jamboree in the Hills these ladies have delighted crowds big and small. They have appeared with many of their friends around the Ohio Valley area and along side some of the greatest stars in the country music industry. Their talent and uncompromising spirit have earned them passage into an elite family of some of the finest entertainers in the business

Loretta and Elli are now setting out to showcase to the world their astounding collection of original songs through their elegance, sophistication, and down-right good music. Their style, of compelling lyrics and airy vocals, is flavored with a bit of blues and pop on a solid bed of good old American Country Music. They’ve teamed up with some of the most talented musicians and producers to create an amazing compilation of songs that reach across generations and embody the very lives of their listeners.

Those who have experienced the genuine heartfelt performance of Loretta & Elli will agree that these ladies are destined to embolden the Country Music World with a new indelible brand, marking the arrival of yet another distinguished name to the family of country music artists.