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Time for Me

Loretta and Elli
Loretta Valasek Garbark


This was my very first song!!!  It's a single mom song. It's all about my true, real life happenings.  Any single parent (mom or dad) can relate.  You want to stay home and feel sorry for yourself, but the kids need you, the dog needs you, running to sports practice, laundry, cooking, cleaning.....the list goes on and on and on...I was sitting on the end of the bed one night after trying to hide and relax in the bathtub (my only safe haven) and my Elli, my Nick and Fred (our dog) came into the room and actually asked, "how are you today Mom?"  I looked at them and knew they needed to hear a good answer even though I just wanted to run away from it all........hoping for some "Time For Me"!  I love them dearly and we all survive the bad things somehow.  Keep smiling : )